Zion National Park

After a cold night of camping in Zion National Park, one person died and another was rescued

Zion National Park: One person is dead after camping overnight in the Narrows section of Zion National Park. Park shuttle drivers on Wednesday reported that visitors had encountered an injured man and a non-responsive woman in the Narrows. The Zion National Park Search and Rescue Team responded and found the man on Riverside Walk. Team members transported the man to the Zion Emergency Operations Center.

Near the Virgin River, other team members discovered a woman who was unresponsive further up the Narrows. According to a statement from the park, despite administering emergency care, first responders determined she was deceased. According to the release, the two involved were a married couple consisting of a 33-year-old man and a 31-year-old woman.

Tuesday marked the beginning of the couple’s 16-mile, top-down journey through the Narrows. According to the release, the man reported that they “became dangerously cold overnight and exhibited symptoms consistent with hypothermia.”

Zion National Park

They stopped about a half-mile from the northern terminus of Riverside Walk, a paved path that leads from the Sinawava Temple to the Narrows. The man continued his search for assistance on Wednesday morning while the woman remained behind.

According to the statement, park rangers encountered the man on Riverside Walk, where other visitors were helping him down the trail. Prior to the arrival of Zion Search and Rescue Team members, other visitors located further up the Narrows performed CPR on the woman.

A park release stated, “The National Park Service appreciates these visitors’ efforts.” The park’s response included more than twenty members of a search and rescue team. As of Thursday evening, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the Utah Office of the Medical Examiner, and the National Park Service were still investigating the woman’s cause of death.

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